Welcome to Valentina Mazzola’s house: the first Wedding Photographer in Tuscany that looks for the happiness in every shot,
that happiness enclosed in a moment that will never return, the warmth of every gesture and every little feeling of love.
Working on her wedding photography, she loves to portray the happiness of two people who are ready to take the big step of their live; so she captures the look of that unique and special moment, staring at those flashes of happiness over time. The continuous study, the great passion for photography and the refinement of the technique led her to improve day after day, always looking for new angles and different views of love in all its colours.

Valentina  is an italy wedding photographer who works in particular in Florence but she can also be available for other trips based on the needs of the spouses.

As a destination wedding photographer and an elopement wedding photographer,she will be close to you to take unforgettable shots.
Being a creative wedding photographer in Tuscany, Valentina knows how to capture unique moments and otherwise unattainable atmospheres.
The biggest goal of florence wedding photographer is to arrive at the immortality of memory, with a high emotional impact.
That’s why  the shots made by destination wedding photographer Italy, Valentina Mazzola, are able to explore the deepest emotions that the spouses transmit: all the emotions and feelings are filtered through her eyes and her sensitivity.

Years of study and passion have built the true know-how of a master of wedding photographer in tuscany. To achieve this, it is very important to get to know you thoroughly, establishing a friendly and confident relationship with you in order to offer you the best service, which is what you deserve. So don’t hesitate to contact the wedding photographer florence which has many positive feedbacks regarding the sensitivity of his gaze.

Valentina Mazzola, the elopement wedding photographer, will succeed in conquering you immediately.

Her secret? – True love for wedding photography and the true professionalism of the way she does it. She loves love and she loves taking shots of weddings, because no other day is so full of love, laughter and tears as the day of the fateful “YES”.

The professionalism of florence wedding photographer has the goal to capture real moments and real emotions and to create something truly unique. Valentina, the wedding photographer in Tuscany, is not at all interested in building fake photos, full of fake magic; she wants to tell your wedding in a sincere and natural way, without clichés and “copy-paste” details.

The competition increases the quantity of the offer on the market of wedding photography: today anyone who has a camera declares himself to be a real photographer. Most of the “attractive” offers on the wedding photographer market hide people who have never studied photography in their life. The photo is “writing with light”, it is an art that must be studied strictly before taking the camera in hand. Everyone can take what they call “photo”; but only in very few  know how to “write with light”.

The wide offer never corresponds to the true quality and professionalism of a real photo; so do not let yourself be strained by the so-called “photographers” that appear and disappear every day.

She is the true quality, choose the true wedding photographer in tuscany which offers you a professional and guaranteed service.

Choose who loves to spend the best years of his life to study in depth what you want to implement in one day; choose those who truly dedicate themselves, mind and soul, to photographing love.

This is Valentina Mazzola, the true  wedding photographer in Tuscany and wedding photographer in Italy.

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