Even though my heart belongs to Italy, my home country, I am delighted to have the chance to take shootings all around the world, as I am a destination wedding photographer. The place I’ve reached with Linda and Andrea is none other than the magical Prague.

Founded during the Romanesque and flourishing by the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras, Prague was the capital of Kingdom of Bohemia. It is home to a huge variety of well-known cultural attractions such as the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge or the Old Town Square. The beauty of its extended historical centre has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


I met Linda a few years ago in Florence, where I took her some pictures as a model. She is a Slovakian girl who lived for some time in Italy and then decided to move to Prague. There, in the Czech capital, the faith made her get to know the love of her life, Andrea, an Italian boy living in Prague.


I was asked by Linda and Andrea to reach them to Prague because they wanted the city where they met to be the background of their pre-wedding shooting.

As I mentioned before I am a destination wedding photographer, which means I don’t have any problem in reaching the couples wherever they ask me to. In fact, I appreciate to travel and discover new venues, new landscapes, new cultures that become the perfect backgrounds for my photos and enrich my experience.

Saying that Prague is a beautiful city is just too reductive. Prague is a mix of emotions, aromas, feelings. It fascinates and captivates you with its ancient beauty.

The day of the shooting, it was quite cloudy, not the usual sunny day everyone expects to be, but it hasn’t avoided the session to be perfect as it had to be. In fact, I honestly think it was even better. The clouds and that dim light seemed to fit completely and helped creating the right magical atmosphere. The result of the work has been made possible also thanks to the great contribution given by the make up artist Diana Strkacova.

Linda and Andrea were very satisfied and that’s what matters most of all.