What comes on your mind when you think about the wedding of your dreams?
Shpetim, Albanian, and Maria, Spanish, have thought about the most fascinating and romantic city in Italy, Florence,
where they decided to make their dreams come true.

Florence played a fundamental role in the couple’s relationship, since it is the location where they had met and fallen in love some years before. They were looking for a wedding photographer in Tuscany to realise the shooting of the most important day of their lives and to make those moments stay vivid ahead in time.

I was glad to be there, since I am convinced that representing couples’ love
in the background of such a city is one of the most pleasant tasks for a Florence wedding photographer.


The ceremony took place at the ‘Loggia del Piazzale Michelangelo’,
a restaurant located just a few metres away from Piazzale Michelangelo,
one of the most breath-taking venues of Florence, that offers a 360° view on the city.


I was asked to choose some picturesque places where the shooting could take place and I had no doubt in choosing ‘San Miniato al Monte’ and ‘Il Giardino delle rose’ that thanks to their colours and their shades gave the couple the idea of being living a daydream. San Miniato al Monte is in fact one of the most chosen locations by a wedding photographer in Florence, since it is an ancient example of Florentine’s Romanesque style and it overlooks Piazzale Michelangelo since it stands right above it. The geometrically patterned marble façade begun in about 1090 gives a clear idea and a faithful representation of the atmosphere a tourist can breathe in the beautiful cradle of the Renaissance.

 Giardino delle Rose, instead, is situated on the southern slopes of the ‘Monte alle Croci’, overlooking river Arno, right a few metres down the square and offers a free access to a wonderful variety of plants and roses.   Furthermore, everyone who wanted could have the chance to sit and relax in one of the park’s benches and enjoy the view on the city. That is why it is considered the ideal place for a romantic getaway.


I cannot describe the sensations a couple has the chance to feel when it gets married in a city so alive with energy and rich in history, landscapes and culture. What I am sure about, on the other hand, is that thanks to my job of wedding photographer in Florence, but also in Italy as destination wedding photographer, I experience the satisfactions of the brides-to-be and of their husbands, the magic they feel looking into their eyes and the passion of their hearts surrounded by the breath-taking atmosphere of Florence. That is exactly what Maria and Shpetim felt, and I am proud to have been part of their dream.